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This English project for a client who has employed his own architect and general builder for the residence, we were responsible for the design & construction of the external works.

Here's a typical example from  Conception to Completion  -  Starts with the building site - the challenge here is to re -establish some soil structure for the plants to grow in, as well as clearing all the building debris left behind.

Before picture

During development - it's important to keep working areas clean & tidy, not to over compact the soil, and try to develop the natural drainage.

During development

To the Completion - with all the beautiful features and the multitude of plants beginning to develop.

We designed and built a side entrance wall and gate, to create a definitive separation from the formal front garden to the more informal rear garden. The natural stone path opens out onto the curving terrace, with its raised brick diaz, brasserade and alongside the koi pond, all visible from the conservatory.

Natural stone  brick patio2

The curved natural stone random rectanglular paved terrace with low seating retaining wall


The small low rock pool is the beginnings of a brook, complete with low timber bridge


The 'brook' then meanders beside the garden path, leading to the Koi pond, where it disappears.


The brook reaches the Koi pond emerging as a waterfall, actually two separate systems as the Koi pond needs special filtration.

The koi pond is over 5ft deep, and thus requires a low steel safety rail, along with some hidden exit steps should someone fall in.

 Koi pond with discreet safety rail

 The Pergola feature  & Well feature are both constructed using the same bricks as the main residence, this helps connect the landscape.

pergola  well1

The front garden wasn't quite so typical at first.

front before

With a little effort and some experienced staff, a traditional brick edged and bound gravel driveway was constructed.

This particular driveway uses a technique that weaves a fibreglass roving into the binding tar, making the surface completely waterbound.